Monday, October 27, 2008

Noah at Two Months

Noah's been out of the womb for two months now. So far he's seemed to enjoy himself, but boy is he hungry all the time. When he's not trying to get food he seems to be really baffled with the world. Bright lights, sounds, his own hands, etc.


Travis said...

I like the Most Wanted shirt. Looks like he is doing great you guys!!

Leviathan said...

Thanks, he's doing really good.

You know how they say time flies?... umm,maybe next year I'll feel different, but these first couple of months have been some slow-paced work.

We just got a backpack so he'll be able to sit right on top of us, that should help a bit.

Travis said...

For the most part, the first couple of months were hard ass work, not much sleep, and thinking, Oh God, what did we do? Then you almost feel bad for thinking that. But I think lots of people I talked to had the same experience. After a couple more months it just keeps getting more and more fun. When they do the little things that only a parent can see and think it is the coolest thing in the world at that moment. The first hug from Olivia, when she started waving bye and pointing and lots of other little things make it all worth it. It gets way easier too.