Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Magic Money

I was at a conference the last couple of days, so I intentionally payed no attention to the news. Nothing but karst topography and groundwater interactions. What a trip.

...and what a difference a couple of days makes. Listening to radio on the way home, I heard that we got ourselves into a predicament where we drastically need investors from other countries to 'have confidence' in our markets to keep us afloat. The radio talking heads thought that confidence was eroding.

Ya think?

Who would have confidence in a system that gives loans to people based on no money down and no proof of income? A person that believes in 'magic money', that's who. You see, with magic money, the its the money itself that makes value and goods. Much like Dumbledore conjures up entire banquets in Harry Potter with a flick of his wand.


Cullen said...

In that case, maybe Hogwarts would swing us a loan. They've gotta be loaded. Wizard tuition must be off the charts expensive.

Leviathan said...

Hogwarts might be our last chance. That or the the force.

I feel we've been living in an imaginary world for the past decade or so. Why not rely on imaginary saviors to rescue us?

Imaginary money, enemies, products, missile defense, the list goes on...

Heck, for all I know, this crisis itself is a completefabrication.