Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumpkin Fields

The Fields Fam went to Anamosa this past weekend to see the 20th annual Jones County Pumpkin Fest. Funny, I didn't know about the previous 19. Like most festivals, this one started with a 5k 'pumpkin run'. Which, being a glutton for punishment, I decided to run. I haven't run once since Noah's been born.
It hurt. Not a good hurt either. The race itself was beautiful. Anamosa's a hilly town, and this 5k hit some pretty decent ones. We even ran next to the Wapsipinicon River for about a mile. It looked very pretty, but (and I'm not kidding here) the Wapsi stunk like pure sewage.

My entire family, sans dad and Hilary, also ran. Mom, being a lightning bolt finished 2nd in her age category. She was very happy. Below is a picture of all the winners of the race, including mother. I didn't even place.

The largest pumpkin in Jones County this year was a respectable 1,400 lbs. Not bad. Last year Jones County had the second largest pumpkin in the world at almost 1,700 lbs. I wonder what they do with those things after the fest.


Anonymous said...

Yet another fantastic harvest time post. The Fields family is looking good. I admire your inability to turn down a good old punishing run. At least there wasn't a leg where you had to swim a thousand meters in the stank-ass Wapsi.

Travis said...

Awesome pumpkinfest post. I didn't even know they had a 5K for that. Good job on doing the run.

Leviathan said...

JT9K, there is no way anyone is doing a 'tube the Wapsi' that we did in 2002 anymore. After this year's floods, that river is putrid. Hope they can clean it up.

Travis, they just started the 5k a couple of years ago. The race was really a confounding mess between all the back alleys of Anamosa. I'm sure they'll work out the kinks next year.