Tuesday, November 18, 2008

UNI Panther Pushers

Unfortunately, it looks like two important players for UNI have been busted for marijuana: Johnny Gray and Victor Williams. Johnny with ‘intent to distribute.They both have been dismissed from the team.

That sucks. Those two players accounted for over 50% of pass completions this year. Johnny Gray had streaks of greatness when returning punts. Hopefully they’ll still make a run in the playoffs.

Yes, division 1aa (FCS) football has playoffs, thank heavens.


Travis said...

Man, when I heard their top 2 receivers were out I was bummed. I guess we'll see if they have some prospects lined up behind them, but I am not going to get my hopes up too much.

I am worried about the Hawks vs Minny today in the LAST game in the dome.

Leviathan said...

I Tivo'd the Iowa game and watched it late yesterday. Wow, what a win. I could already tell they won though, Iowa City was in a good mood.

Panther's host the Maine Bears for the opener! Hopefully Maine will bookend its season with losses in Iowa.