Thursday, March 12, 2009


After many years, someone finally put the first (and only?) Tripmaster Monkey video on the net. Shutter's Closed. As I recall a friend's brother got be be one of the background skaters.

Watch more Goodbye Race videos on AOL Video

I swear I've looked for that thing every couple months or so on youtube. And though I know that many Iowa musicians in the late 90's-early 00's loved (and still love) them, there really isn't a lot of internet content available for Tripmaster Monkey.

Now I need to find online copies of Oil magazine and Day Old Donuts .mp3s.


cyberninja said...

Maybe you can find a live concert of Nails by Eat Love, and then head down to the Muscatine coffee shop to open for House of Large Sizes.

jiveturkey9000 said...

You guys are making me want to wake up tomorrow in 1993. The only thing I wish that video had was Jamie Toal busting into the intro to Vroom...I don't care if he is a dick.

Leviathan said...

Think about how lucky kids have it today. If they like a band they can probably get 50% of fav-bands music for free on myspace, also will get a website letting you know all that's going on in their lives, when their playing, etc...

They even have youtube vids of their concert up if you miss it.

Cripes. The frustrating thing is that those bands were so close to that era, yet seem to have missed the technology leap completely.