Monday, February 16, 2009

In the Kitchen

For Valentines Day this year, instead of 'going out' (something which has proved to be almost impossible with baby), I decided to challenge myself and cook a wholly original (for me) supper. Nothing on the menu was something that I had tried before. Though sometimes I could hear Chef Ramsey shouting profanities at me, overall, I think I did a pretty good job.

Above are the four main parts of the meal, for starters we had a fresh spinach and strawberry salad with sesame seed dressing. Then a healthy bowl of french onion soup topped with provolone cheese, and a twice baked potato. The main course was a beef tenderloin with port wine reduced shallots.

After all that I decided to go with homemade flan for dessert. I've tried the flan-in-the-box version before, and while its quick to cook, it tastes like mashed paper. This was much better., if a bit more difficult to remove from the oven...(you've got to bake the ramekins in water). For wine we had Da Vinci Chianti, which tasted OK. I tried to find a wine that was made in Iowa that would work with this meal with no success. My new goal is to try to buy as much Iowa-made alcohol as possible. Our state needs those dollars!

Noah got his Valentines Supper as well. He's had his 'milk ala Enfamil' meal many times before, but he'll settle for nothing less.


Hilary Fields said...

It was a wonderful meal! Thanks honey :)

jiveturkey9000 said...

It does look and sound scrum-trellescent. Good job honey!