Monday, May 11, 2009

Shroomin' on a Sunday Afternoon

This past Sunday the Fields Fam went out to find the ever-elusive morel mushroom. In Iowa City. I was fairly skeptical, I've looked around this area every year, and never get anything. I think its cause most of the city has already scoured the area before we get there (our Timber is the only spot I can consistently find morels). But we set off anyway at a nearby park. Lo and behold, success!

I had Noah on my back the whole time, he was a lot more interested in me whapping may-apples with my walking stick than finding mushrooms. But while Noah and I were traipsing about Master-Blaster style, Hilary found some really nice ones.

Its the size of her hand!!!

After we got home I fried them up. Using only butter, of course. It's quite a bit more finicky than oil, as it starts burning really fast...but morels were made for butter.

Noah had "Vegetable Stew with Carrots and Peas". He wasn't happy.


Wid maSan drelly said...

I didn't like... I want pizza \o/

jiveturkey9000 said...

When civilization collapses I want to join forces so we can trade morels for other valuable goods like beebees or Milwaukee's Best. Then we can shoot rabbits and fry them up along with the secret stash of morels we didn't trade and wash it all down with hot beast.

Leviathan said...

When civilization collapses morels will be like a million times the worth of gold and everyone will be like "Chad your so awesome" I'll say "Whatevs, suckas" and then we hop into my modified Dodge Lancer dune buggy and peel off to Fort Bobcat (LN School), the capitol of the Midwest. The most popular activity is going to be mlorfin', cause its free and free of disease.

Yep, that's how its gonna be.

J. Astro said...

In your future scenario, I will raid morels, kill those who resist, and wear lots of leather and metal and a mohawk, a la "MAD MAX". Those look reeeeeally fuckin' good, though, dude. My folks go and get 'em every year, too, and I always seem to miss out. Because I am far too lazy to forage for my own food.

Travis said...

Chad- I concur with the Astro man. Those fried morels looked delish. I love that pic of Noah at the end of this post. He looks stressed. Hope all is well.