Sunday, January 25, 2009


Noah, with a little help from mom, celebrated with the rest of the world at the inauguration of Barack Obama. As you can see, he is very excited...he never thought he'd live to see the day a black man was elected president.

Though Noah admits he, like the rest of us, was caught up in the raw emotion of the event. He's still a little skeptical about whether Obama can translate his souring rhetoric into real, tangible policy changes.


jiveturkey9000 said...

Those are great pictures. Noah Fields for president in 2068.

Leviathan said...

Who would want to be president anymore? You get more money and almost as much influence being a CEO.

Less crazy politics as well.

Travis said...

I concur Noah! Already full of insight. I would expect nothing less from Chad's son. Continue the good work, sir.