Friday, January 2, 2009

Good stuff found in 2008

Bye-bye 2008. I'm kinda sad to see it go. Not only does it mean yet another year, but actually, I really enjoyed '08. Delpcon, Backbone/tornado trip, flood, Noah.

Some quick 'cultural' goodies I found interesting this past year:

In music, it seemed to me that there was a lot of high quality musicianship again after five years of lo-fi bands like Moldy Peaches, Kimya Dawson, Tapes n' Tapes etc. having a monopoly in my headphones. Peltgrande has an excellent post pointing out some really good ones. Here are a couple I liked that weren't listed in his blog:

This is a Fleet Foxes cover from a duo who appear to have time-traveled straight out of 1975.

This song started my new addiction to synth music and incomprehensible lyrics.

Although I can't (or don't) read like I used to, I still find it fun. Two years ago I set a goal to read through the "Top 100" Science Fiction stories. I've completed almost 30% of them, and have a long way to go. This year I got Hyperion at the used book store.This book is great. Much like Dune, it drops you in the middle of a universe and doesn't hold your hand trying to describe every little detail of culture, technology, or politics right away (I'm still not 100% sure what the 'Hegemony' is). Because of that you can delve into a great story that much quicker. Plus, this author seems to have researched everything. Poetry plays a huge part, as does CSI and family.

Only 14 more days till BSG!


cyberninja said...

Man, I need you to make me like a mix tape or something. I'm so behind on my music that I end up listening to MC Frontalot's Boss Fight a lot in the lab, and I've been totally tired of it for some time. That stuff on your post is pretty darn good. I seriously need to wrastle me up some new tunes.

Also, your Dune-style book report for some reason reminded me of this comic.

Leviathan said...

That comic obviously wasn't made by a SF fan.

Though its probably true...

Travis said...

Hyperion is the name of the giant oil company coming to sioux city to build a refinery. Or so they say that's what they're building. I have other suspicions.

Leviathan said...

Travis, you can't be serious.

Leviathan said...

Otis elevator

J. Astro said...
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J. Astro said...

well hi there,

you should come visit me. click on the handsome, popcorn-laden pic of me to view my pointless, rambling, foul-mouthed movie blog, 'The Cheap Bin'.

- Jake (of Jake & Val fame)

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