Thursday, May 31, 2012

Facebook, the party's over

I've recently seen a lot of folks posting vague and troubling personal problems on Facebook. Not to overgeneralize, but the posts typically deal with a wrong that some unknown entity did to the poster. 90% personal relationship problems. Sent out for all their FB friends to see.

I don't like this. First I kind of feel like I'm at a college party and the person with way too much to drink is making a scene for everyone...but, I also don't know why this is occurring so frequently, and I don't understand why people would post this stuff when there's basically nothing we internet friends can do. Like shouting at darkness in hopes that your echo will answer. Meanwhile everyone else is either silently taken aback or snickering.

This wasn't how social sites started. Looking back, Myspace was a nightclub where you pretended you were flipping awesome, made up your age, took up-angled shots of your face and bare upper torso, and used a black background with purple lightning to really drive home how unique and special you were.

Now its the end of the party, lights on, people crying in corners...WTF internet.

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