Monday, December 8, 2008

Cylons and Dice

So, finally, here’s some good news…there is a Battlestar Galactica Board Game for us who love, you guessed it, Cylons and dice.
Yes folks. And from what I’ve read online, its easy to understand, with quick rounds, and ~two hour play times. What fun. I’ve owned the BSG Roleplaying Game for over a year now, I don’t even want to begin to start a campaign on those crazy ‘cortex’ rules. Intelligence is 1d8…stamina is 1d10??...What??

...Only about a month before the final 'season' starts.


Travis said...

Are you going to April Con?

Leviathan said...

Yes I am. So I can justify any completely nerd purchase to my wife with: "Yeah, of course I'll use April."

Valfatale said...

Hmm...maybe they need to update those online reviews. I hardly think having six different things to do each turn counts as "a quick round."

I'm still down for this, whenever we decipher all of the rules.