Sunday, September 14, 2008

Noah Levi Fields

So on August 30, 2008 my life changed forever. Just as promised by all the other parents out there. After an 'average'(!) labor of about 10 hours or so, Noah came into the world a very healthy boy. Healthy enough to be 9 lbs. 10 oz., with a HUGE head...which Hilary handled like a trooper, I must say. I almost passed out. Anyway, after a little scare about his innards not working correctly (they were just plugged up), we got to take him home. We've had a great time with him at home, and its great to see him do those little things, like focus his eyes, and make funny faces, that I never would have thought were important just a couple of years ago.

Although I was prepared for the total lack of sleep, I never really thought about how much more nerve racking your life is going to get with a child. I remember as a boy doing stupid, dangerous things like playing on farm machinery and getting trapped with the hogs. I never 'got' why mom and dad looked so concerned.

That's changed. I was paranoid about everything those first couple of nights.

Thanks to everyone who sent us food, congrats, and thoughts these past couple of weeks. We really appreciate them!


Mary said...

Congratulations! Hilary certainly is a trooper!

Travis said...

He is as cute in real life. It was great to see you guys and meet Noah. I love the pictures and hope you guys are getting some sleep.

I am looking forward to the Leviathan.

Anonymous said...

Noah is way better looking than you led me to believe...and why shouldn't he be? We're talking about a high octane gene pool here. Welcome to the parent fray, and congratulations on a job well done. LEVIATHAN is an excellent name for a blog. Having a baby must trigger some kind of blogging nerve, which is sort of a catch 22. You have much less time to write, but so much more to write about.

jodi said...

Noah is beautiful, Chad. Congratulations! And don't worry...the sleep will come and you'll forget about all of these long nights.